We Serve A Huge Range Of Services

  • Auditing & Assurance Services
  • Management Consultancy & Other Services
  • Strategic Services
  • Foreign Exchange Laws & NBFC Laws
  • Corporate Laws
  • Debt & Equity
  • Direct Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Corporate Training & Compliance Management

Statutory Audit

Our statutory audit services encompass a comprehensive examination of financial statements, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We provide an independent and objective assessment of your organization’s financial accuracy and reporting integrity.

Internal Audit

With our internal audit services, we evaluate your organization’s internal control systems, risk management processes, and operational efficiency. Our goal is to identify areas for improvement, assess compliance with policies and procedures, and provide recommendations to strengthen your internal controls.

Management Audit

Our management audit services focus on assessing management practices, decision-making processes, and strategic alignment within your organization. We provide objective evaluations to optimize operational efficiencies, identify improvement opportunities, and mitigate risks.

Compliance Audit

We offer compliance audit services to ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations, legal requirements, and internal policies. Our thorough assessments help identify areas of non-compliance, close gaps, and provide recommendations for maintaining conformity.

TDS Audits

Our TDS audit services verify compliance with Tax Deducted at Source provisions. We review calculations, deductions, and timely deposit of taxes to ensure accuracy and adherence to TDS regulations, helping you avoid penalties and maintain compliance.

Fixed Assets verification

Our fixed assets verification services involve physical verification of your organization’s assets to ensure accurate recordkeeping and prevent misappropriation. We reconcile physical assets with accounting records, identify discrepancies, and provide comprehensive reports on asset status and valuation.

Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements

We assist organizations in preparing consolidated financial statements that consolidate financial data from multiple entities within a group. Our expertise ensures accurate and comprehensive reporting, providing stakeholders with a holistic view of the group’s financial performance.

Preparation of Multi Currency Financial Statements

Our team specializes in preparing financial statements in multiple currencies to accommodate global operations and facilitate accurate reporting of international transactions. We ensure compliance with relevant accounting standards and exchange rate regulations.